Potential life on Venus!

Hot off the (zoom) press: A potential detection of life on Venus!!! Venus is a very inhospitable planet. It has a thick, crushing atmosphere with clouds of carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid which never disperse and which trap the heat in (think greenhouse effect gone wild!) On top of that there are crazy 360 km/h… Continue reading Potential life on Venus!

PhinisheD: 5th anniversary of PhD thesis submission

Facebook tells me that it’s been five years since the day I submitted my PhD thesis at the University of Western Australia! Five years!!! I swear it was just yesterday. I remember the day clearly, although I’d slept for barely two hours the night before. I had then woken up thoroughly convinced I was a… Continue reading PhinisheD: 5th anniversary of PhD thesis submission

My relocation to Cape Town

Less than two months ago I made a big leap and relocated from Zagreb, Croatia to Cape Town, South Africa, stopping home in Perth, Australia along the way. It was a pretty epic tri-continental move! Here’s an update on the experience and also a quick explanation of the astronomy research I’ll be working on while… Continue reading My relocation to Cape Town